4 Ways A Pay-Per-Lead Chat Model Drives Long-Term Success.

Bertie Horne
Sales Director
Lead Generation
Read Time: 4 Minutes
June 9, 2021

There are a million ways to spend your marketing budget to help achieve your goals, and all you want is to ensure you’re getting a return on your investment.

That’s where a pay-per-lead model for your marketing tactics helps to drive long-term success.

The standard questions arise when considering new marketing tactics, ‘will this be time-consuming to implement?’, ‘is the ROI worth that time spent?’, and the fearful one, ‘will I have to explain my motives as to why we took this risk?’. These are perfectly reasonable questions that any marketer should be asking themselves. It is an essential task of the job to analyse, understand the perceived risk vs the pay-off, and ultimately make the best investment in the right places.

That’s where our pay-per-lead model steps in. But first, the basics

What is pay-per-lead?

Pay-per-lead, or PPL for short, is exactly as it sounds – it is a payment structure for which you only pay for qualified leads once they complete a required goal, instead of paying for impressions or clicks.

The generation of a quality lead could mean a purchase completion, whitepaper download, or demo request depending on your business goals. The PPL model is therefore integral for performance-based marketing strategies whereby you only pay for what success looks like for your business.

The pay-per-lead model has become an exciting part of performance marketing in recent years. Whereas pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns focus investment on the awareness stage of the funnel, pay-per-lead shifts the focus towards reaching the desired business goal – qualified leads ready for the next step.

It’s a model that works for the many companies that we work with, and we’re proud to say that this is something that drives our business daily. We continually optimise our product so that our customers continue to improve the return on their investment with CommVersion.

For this reason, we believe a pay-per-lead model is where we can deliver the most value for our customers. It means the working relationship is co-driven, strengthening the relationship between customer and company and making it a priority for both parties to drive conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Here are the four reasons why you’ll thank us for our pay-per-lead model.

1. Keep the focus on conversion.

You’re already doing plenty in the awareness and consideration phase, and you need to, but you also need to prove the return on investment. Conversions are where you drive new business, support your sales team and increase revenue.

Pay-per-lead allows us to only focus on this part of the funnel, which means your investment is spent purely on developing your CRO strategy.

2. You decide what success looks like for you.

Success can mean different things to different businesses. Do you need your live chat to drive in-person meetings, quotes requests, connect to a sales call or membership subscriptions? Whatever your conversion goal, that becomes the sole focus of a pay-per-lead contract. and it only works to drive success, whatever this looks like for you.

At CommVersion, this is entirely driven by the bespoke Knowledge Bases that we build with our customers. Because of this, our onboarding process requires a complete understanding of your business, its goals and your desired customer experience.

3. When we say ‘Lead’, we mean quality lead.

Where other companies may send through as many leads as possible, leaving you with the qualifying work and charging you for each, we don’t. We only pass on leads that are ready for your sales team to engage with to close a deal. The art of SmartChat is that we filter that request on your behalf and only pass on those ready to follow up, so you only receive – and pay – for leads primed for conversion.

4. Conversion campaigns are optimised to suit your scale and budget.

With pay-per-lead, you set the parameters within which you want and need to work. You can select the type of customer that you are targeting, a monthly spend limit, and – as mentioned above – what success looks like. Once live, we continuously analyse what works and what doesn’t and review, ensuring the maximum outcome for your budget and long-term success.

We might be biased, but we can’t help but feel that a pay-per-lead model is the future for businesses that want to grow at scale and need to be flexible. We understand how quickly situations change, so being able to flex whilst consistently being able to optimise what strategies are working and only pay when they do, enables more significant gains with less risk involved. It’s an excellent solution for anyone looking to improve their lead generation without substantial upfront costs, time, and effort with implementation.


Get in touch with our team via our chat channel if you’d like to understand more about our SmartChat solution and how our bespoke pay-per-lead method can accelerate your lead generation and improve your ROI.