Your solution to seamless lead management and conversion.

In the realm of modern sales, seamless lead generation and conversion are paramount. SmartChat rises to the challenge by offering a powerful integration feature that directly addresses the challenges faced by sales teams.

Build your pipeline with ease.

Streamline lead management

Say goodbye to manual data entry and the risk of missed opportunities. With every qualified lead automatically transferred into your sales pipeline this not only saves time but also guarantees that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

Accelerate sales cycles

Harness timely information and shorten your sales cycles. Your sales teams can immediately pick up where the conversation left off. This eliminates repetitive information gathering and ensures that your leads remain engaged and excited.

Prioritize high-value leads

Not only has SmartChat already qualified leads, but with a direct integration with your CRM, automatic lead scoring becomes that much easier. This means your sales teams can focus their energy on the hottest prospects, ultimately boosting sales.

Focus on relationship building

Sales success is built on relationships. With lead processing handled your sales teams can shift their focus from data entry to relationship building. They'll have more time to nurture connections, address concerns, and provide a great experience.

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Prove and showcase ROI with precision.

With SmartChat leads integrated directly into your CRM platform, reporting on lead generation numbers and conversion rates is easier than ever. This data-driven approach allows you to demonstrate the ROI of your lead generation strategies and justify resource allocation.

Timely, personal, effective.

As leads are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, your sales teams can initiate timely follow-ups that are contextually relevant. This timely approach increases the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

No data errors

Removes manual data

Quick turnaround

From chat to CRM

Transparent touch points

All in your CRM platform

Connect marketing and sales teams.

Don't feed into the unnecessary and unhelpful marketing and sales rivalry. Increase collaboration on lead generation with transparent and seamless lead management.

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Frequently asked questions.

Which CRM platforms do you integrate with?

We haven't come across a platform we haven't been able to integrate with yet. Regardless of your setup, we should be able to integrate leads directly into your CRM system.

What lead information does SmartChat capture?

Core information captured includes name, email, phone number, address (if applicable), and lead type. We are also able to configure other data points if necessary.

How is setup managed?

We do most of the heavy lifting, but this is collaborative to ensure the integration works as intended.

There is first a consultative session to understand your system and requirements. We then build the integration in a sandbox environment. Once testing has been completed we deploy the integration into your live system.

Still have questions?