Unlock your website with more appointment bookings for your clinic.

Whether it's hair and beauty services, medical procedures, consultations or surgeries, let CommVersion boost the health of your business with 24/7 proactive website engagement.
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What our SmartChat solution can do for you.

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Proactively engage with your website audience to generate up to 50% more qualified leads for your clinic.

Reduce lost leads by instantly connecting with website visitors looking to book an appointment.

Increase the ROI of your marketing (reduce the cost per lead) through lead-optimised chat and messaging.

Instantly connect qualified leads with a member of your team who can assist with their specific enquiry.

All the features needed to keep potential patients happy.

SmartChat allows clinics to improve patient satisfaction, reduce wait times, and increase efficiency. Patients can use chat to ask questions, get information, and schedule appointments quickly.

Be available 24/7

Support patients when they need it.

Instant chat support

Managed by professional chat operators.

Quickly answer visitor questions

Uses a tailor-made knowledge base.

Schedule more appointments. See SmartChat in action.

Integrate appointment leads with the tools you already use.

Use your time effectively and manage all your leads & customers in one place.

CommVersion can integrate a lead's name, email address, phone number and preferred time of call, along with the chat transcript, into the CRM of your choice.

Our customer success is undeniable.

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Designed to deliver value throughout the sales funnel.


High-Value Traffic Are Identified

Through user behaviour, SmartChat identifies high-value or soon-to-churn traffic.


Real Conversations Qualify Prospects

Real-time conversations curated to qualify traffic are deployed by a real human.


Revenue-Ready Leads Are Delivered

Time wasters are weeded out with lead details sent to sales teams to close.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the benefit of SmartChat for medical clinics?

Through the use of SmartChat, clinics are able to quickly answer questions and drive website visitors to book an appointment with a medical expert.

How is SmartChat different from other types of live chat?

SmartChat has been built specifically for lead generation. It uses online visitor behaviour to identify highly engaged website traffic to qualify and convert.

How are conversations qualified?

SmartChat agents use a uniquely built knowledge base with conversational cues and questions to qualify potential patients for medical experts to engage.

What hours are chat agents available?

24/7, 365 days a year.

How do you handle sensitive queries?

We build a unique knowledge base for every single customer and during the build process we ensure a clear understanding of how any sensitive questions will be handled.

Our chat operators are not medical experts and any questions of that nature will be redirected for when speaking with a medical professional.

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