Turn more of your website traffic into billable clients.

Use SmartChat to help your firm instantly connect with visitors to your website, and convert chats into actual opportunities while delivering an exceptional customer experience.
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All the features to turn website visitors into clients.

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Human-led chat means personalised conversations for each visitor, building trust for all future interactions.

Optimise the lead generation of your website by instantly connecting with website visitors seeking legal advice.

Using a pay-per-lead pricing model means a positive return on investment as only qualified conversations are charged.

SmartChat uses visitor behaviour and journey sequencing to identify high-intent targets to engage with.

Turn today's visitors into tomorrow's billable hours.

Building trust is incredibly important for legal representation, and SmartChat ensures this starts from the very first conversation.

24/7 live chat

Be available when your clients are.

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Maintain your brand and tone of voice.

Targeted messaging

Custom knowledge base.

Book more legal appointments. See SmartChat in action.

Process appointment leads seemlessly with your existing tech stack.

SmartChat connects with any existing solution used to manage leads.

The proof is in the pudding.

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Designed to deliver value throughout the sales funnel.


High-Value Traffic Are Identified

Through user behaviour, SmartChat identifies high-value or soon-to-churn traffic.


Real Conversations Qualify Prospects

Real-time conversations curated to qualify traffic are deployed by a real human.


Revenue-Ready Leads Are Delivered

Time wasters are weeded out with lead details sent to sales teams to close.

Frequently asked questions.

Is SmartChat effective for legal websites?

Yes. SmartChat is used by businesses from a variety of industries, including legal firms, to turn their website into a lead-generating tool whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

How does SmartChat differ from other types of live chat?

There are a few ways to deploy live chat. SmartChat differs as it has been specifically developed for lead generation. It uses visitor behaviour to identify highly engaged website traffic to qualify and convert them in order to turn these visitors into happy clients.

How are website visitors qualified?

With the use of a unique knowledge base, chat agents use conversational cues and questions in order to determine which website visitors are serious about working with the legal firm.

Which hours is SmartChat active for?

24/7, 365 days a year.

How are sensitive legal queries handled?

With a custom knowledge base created for every single customer, SmartChat operators are trained to deal with questions unique to each business as well as refer certain questions on to legal experts.

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