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Is your CPL increasing as travel key terms from Google Ads become more competitive? SmartChat is uniquely designed to increase your conversion rate, reduce your CPL and drive hot leads your sales team will love
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Convert website visitors into happy holidayers with chat, done smarter.

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See ROI and reduced CPL. Pay only for qualified leads ready to book their dream vacation, not just clicks or casual inquiries.

Instant lead qualification

Avoid uncommitted browsers. SmartChat instantly separates curious dreamers from actual holiday bookings.

24/7 lead

Bridge the time zone gap and instantly support your international customers around the clock.

Next-gen chat technology

Go beyond basic chat. Engage the right traveller with the right messageat the right time.

Take the step your travel business is missing.

Increase your website conversion rate by 30-50%

SmartChat isn't just another chat solution. It's your concierge partner, powered by data-driven intelligence and personalised with the human touch. It goes beyond basic inquiries, qualifying leads to give you the best for your buck.

First-class results, with no financial risk.

SmartChat offers a pay-per-lead model, meaning you only pay for qualified leads ready to book a holiday at a CPL you'll love

Importantly, by increasing your on-site conversion rate and driving quality leads that close, you'll achieve more with your existing budget without the need to increase ad spend.

Maintain your brand’s
north star.

SmartChat is fully customisable to maintain your visual brand identity. Plus our bespoke-built knowledge base ensures your brand’s tone-of-voice provides a consistent customer journey, from the first browse to the beachfront.

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SmartChat goes further to help you see success.

CRM Integration: Connect leads directly into your existing tech stack.

Make life easier for agents and have qualified leads added directly into your existing platforms.
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Chat-to-Call: Seamlessly turn chat conversations into phone calls with your travel agents.

Capitalise on every lead and seamlessly transition travellers from chat to call with our solution.
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Quotation marks

A refreshing performance-led approach to live chat resulting in a demonstrable cost-per-acquisition improvement and better marketing ROI, even on a cost-per-chat basis. We constructed an A/B test to statistically prove the uplift of the chat service and saw an 8% improvement in marketing CPA.

After working with a number of chat providers over the past decade, CommVersion really are a cut above the rest.”

Matt Carey
Head of Acquisition
Quotation marks

We started with the two-week trial offered to see if the hosted chat would generate more leads than our DIY chat management. In those two weeks, we more than doubled our number of leads and have continued to use the solution ever since.  SmartChat has generated more leads than any other source I have tried in years."

Jodi Dines
Quotation marks

We started using CommVersion’s chat solution in 2021 to support our customers 24/7 while providing warm, pre-qualified leads for agents to work with. When we were approached with their advanced solution, SmartChat, it only made sense to upgrade Through SmartChat’s behavioural triggers we are able to enhance the online experience for our customers while increasing seller and landlord lead generation by 38%."

Kosta Findikakis

Our customers' success is undeniable.

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Take the step your travel business is missing.

SmartChat for travel and tourism.
How it works.


High-value visitors (those likely to book a holiday) unlikely to convert through forms are identified using browsing insights and smart triggers.


Identified visitors are engaged with helpful information and qualified as keen travellers.


Complete qualified lead chat transcripts and contact details are  passed along to support the next step.


More tour packages and holiday bookings are won through a quick and seamless customer experience.

Frequently asked questions.

Why should travel companies use SmartChat?

Travel companies should use our SmartChat solution because it has been built specifically for lead generation, turning website visitors into qualified leads ready to make a booking. It also provides a better customer experience whilst increasing ROI on marketing spend and reducing CPL.

How does SmartChat differ from other forms of live chat?

Where live chat can be used for support queries, SmartChat has been built specifically for lead generation and uses visitor behaviour to identify high-intent traffic to qualify and convert them into happy (and paying) travellers.

How does SmartChat turn chat conversations into qualified leads.

Our SmartChat agents, or Conversation Specialists as we like to call them, use a bespoke knowledge base with conversational cues and questions to qualify website visitors. This allows us to determine who are just browsing and who are actually interested travellers looking to book a holiday or tour.

What is the free trial like?

We provide a 14-day free trial to demonstrate how SmartChat will work. All qualified leads generated during this time will be provided completely free of charge.

How do I pay for SmartChat?

We only charge for qualified leads. This means that any conversation that doesn't result in a qualified lead (ie someone with the intent to buy and wants to progress further) is free.

Still have questions?