Frequently Asked Questions.

What is managed live chat?

Managed live chat is when the live chat on a website is operated by an outsourced third-party business that employs, trains and manages professional chat operators to handle all incoming conversations through a chat solution. CommVersion is a provider of managed live chat.

What is conversational marketing?

This is a new and growing marketing channel that uses real-time dialogue-based tactics to engage website visitors to build trust and convert them into qualified leads. 

What is SmartChat?

SmartChat is the next step of live chat!
We’ve built this to use buyer behaviour and online triggers to engage high-intent traffic 24/7 with the right messaging, qualifying and recording leads for sales teams to convert into a happy customer.

How is SmartChat different from other live chat?

SmartChat has been built specifically for lead generation and uses visitor behaviour and smart triggers to engage the right people with the right message at the right time.

Can SmartChat be deployed on all website platforms?

Yes. SmartChat has been built to be deployed on all website platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal and more. SmartChat is deployed by adding a code snippet to the header or footer of your website's code.

What is defined as a qualified lead?

A qualified lead will look different for every business. This is defined during onboarding to ensure SmartChat qualifies the right website visitors into leads ready for sales teams to engage.

A qualified lead will contain all contact information required to make contain and progress the lead towards an opportunity to make a sale. Information such as name, email, phone number and request details.

How do I get notified of a qualified lead?

All leads are emailed to the delegated email address(es) with full lead information and a transcript of the entire chat. These can also be integrated with your existing CRM platform.

Does CommVersion offer chat services after hours?

Yes. CommVersion offers a 24x7 managed Live Chat service. That means CommVersion's trained agents are always ready to take chats on your website whatever the time of day or day of the week.

Can leads be sent directly into my CRM platform?

Yes. CommVersion offers direct lead integration into a multitude of CRM systems - all key data points of the lead, such as lead source, lead name, email, phone number, their preferred time of call, are all added into the CRM of your choice.

Is CommVersion ISO 27001:2022 certified?

Yes. Our company is proud to be ISO 27001:2022 Certified, demonstrating our commitment to international standards for information security management.

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