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How does SmartChat work?


High-Value Traffic Are Identified

Through user behaviour, SmartChat identifies high-value or soon-to-churn traffic.


Real Conversations Qualify Prospects

Real-time conversations curated to qualify traffic are deployed by a real human.


Revenue-Ready Leads Are Delivered

Time wasters are weeded out with lead details sent to sales teams to close.

Comparing SmartChat to other live chat options.

24/7 availability

Personalised human experience


Sales enabled lead capture

Simultaneous chats

Fast response times



Pay only for qualified leads!
Great for lead capture & sales enablement.

DIY Live Chat

Setup & subscription costs + staffing overhead.
Can be a good option but staff costs can be high.


Setup & subscription costs.
Good option for repetitive queries & FAQs.

Chatless Site

Knock, knock, whose there? Nobody?
What's to scale?
Form limitations
Managing an inbox can take 24+ hours
Can't put a price on nothing.
Maybe time to consider chat?

Frequently asked questions.

What is SmartChat?

SmartChat is our specifically developed live chat solution aimed at generating 30% more qualified leads from existing website traffic. It is human-led, and data driven.

How does SmartChat generate more leads?

Through the use of behavioural analysis and smart triggers, SmartChat uses the right messaging to engage and qualify the right people throughout their browsing journey. This helps to build trust and creates an enjoyable customer experience that gives rise to increased lead generation.

How can I get started?

We start with a 14-day free trial. Prior to this going live we onboard which involves us creating a custom knowledge base, training chat operators, and deploying the branded chat widget. After a successful trial, the contract term begins.

What is defined as a lead?

For solar companies, a lead is usually defined as someone who has shown serious interest in solar panel installation and requires a meeting or onsite visit. SmartChat operators use qualifying questions to determine this as well as to obtain contact information.

How do I pay for SmartChat?

We only charge for qualified leads. This means that any conversation that doesn't result in a qualified lead (ie someone with the intent to buy and wants to progress further) is free of charge.

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