A Leading Heating Brand makes a BIG Statement with a 34% Increase in Web Conversion Rate.


Monthly additional leads


Increase in website conversion rate


They only pay for qualified leads

Tom Nurse
"I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I took the leap. My website conversions are up 34%! It's not just conversions though, it improves the quality of leads too.

Plus, it was a breeze to set up. The CommVersion team's been great, always there to help. Honestly, best decision I ever made."

About Fischer Future Heat

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For over 75 years, Fischer Future Heat has been a leader in innovative heating solutions.

Established in 2009 by Keith and Maria Bastian, who brought over a decade of industry experience to the table, Fischer Future Heat leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional comfort.

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The challenge: Scaling lead generation efficiently

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Before SmartChat, Fischer Future Heat was already seeing success with their marketing efforts. However, they were a company that always strives for more – a competitive spirit that led them to seek ways to further optimise their lead generation and take their growth to the next level.

Recognising the potential for further growth, they identified these key areas to optimise their lead generation process:

Website conversion optimisation

While they were generating website traffic, Fischer Future Heat sought to improve visitor conversion into qualified leads, thereby streamlining their sales pipeline.

Lead quality

Despite generating leads, Fischer Future Heat sought to enhance their quality, ensuring a better fit for their products. This maximised efficiency and resource allocation.

Marketing ROI optimisation

Like most businesses, Fischer Future Heat was constantly seeking to optimise their marketing ROI, ideally by generating more leads for the same budget.

That's where SmartChat comes in.

SmartChat’s unique ability to convert lost website visitors into qualified leads through its human and data-driven approach made it the perfect solution for Fischer Future Heat’s lead generation goals.

Let’s explore how SmartChat helped them overcome the hurdles they were facing:

Boosted conversions

SmartChat’s targeting approach ensures that website visitors are engaged at the right time, with the right message, to convert into qualified leads. This feeds their sales pipeline with customers with a higher propensity to convert.

Improved lead quality

SmartChat’s qualification process ensured that Fischer Future Heat connected with leads who were a perfect fit for their products. As a result, they obtained higher-quality leads, allowing their sales team to focus on converting qualified prospects into paying customers.

Maximised marketing ROI

SmartChat's pay-per-lead model aligned perfectly with Fischer Future Heat's need to optimise their marketing budget. They only paid for qualified leads, ensuring their marketing spend was generating a measurable return on investment.

Life with SmartChat.

Fischer Future Heat's success story with SmartChat extends beyond just lead generation. The improved quality of leads has had a ripple effect throughout their organisation, particularly impacting their appointments team.

SmartChat weeds out unqualified leads, ensuring the appointments team only connects with genuinely interested prospects. This translates to more productive appointments, where the sales conversation can focus on closing the deal rather than basic qualification.

In addition, the steady flow of qualified leads empowers the appointments team to work smarter, not harder. They spend less time scheduling dead-end appointments and more time nurturing promising leads. This translates to a more efficient workflow and a more positive and motivated team.
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The Results

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In short, SmartChat has become an integral part of Fischer Future Heat's marketing strategy. It's a solution that has not only streamlined their operations but also fuelled their growth, allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing exceptional heating solutions for home owners.

Here are some of the results they we're able to see with SmartChat:


Monthly additional leads


Increase in website conversion rates


They only pay for qualified leads

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