Elevating Returns: How SmartChat maximises marketing ROI.

With marketing budgets further restricted in 2023, the need to see ROI on marketing tactics is crucial. This case study explores how SmartChat has created value for numerous businesses amid budget constraints, proving to yield tangible revenue and a robust ROI.

SmartChat has cemented itself as a powerful solution to maximise ROI.

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As expectations rise and the marketing landscape grows more intricate, SmartChat has proven to be a powerful lead-generating solution with an undeniable ROI. It also presents an opportunity for marketers to showcase their expertise and drive business growth. Here are a few results our happy customers have seen.


increase in sales


new house sales in 1 month


increase in valuation leads


increase in website conversions

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Since using SmartChat, our sales have skyrocketed despite a mortgage rate hike. In just 4 weeks, we recorded a 632% increase in qualified leads and sold 10 additional homes. Commversion's service was fantastic and even the sales team loves our leads. SmartChat's results speak for themselves.

Kevin Holifield
Digital Marketing Specialist

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